Buying Homegrown Ingredients in Northeast Ohio

As someone who loves to cook and loves to buy local products, Northeast Ohio offers great options to help you whip up tasty meals with homegrown ingredients.

Fresh Fork Market: 

This popular CSA (community sustained agriculture) delivers bags of tasty, locally-sourced ingredients every week throughout the greater Cleveland area. My husband and I are in our third season of Fresh Fork. Unlike a lot of CSAs, Fresh Fork sources from multiple farms, so you get a great variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits. You get to try foods you might never have bought otherwise, such as rutabaga and kohlrabi which were new for me to cook with and try out lots of interesting recipes.


There are small and large share options (the small is plenty for two people), along with vegetarian/vegan share options. Plus, when you pick up your bag each week, there are also add-on options (the bacon and granola are two of my favorites). To check out the program, click here.

West Side Market

After a banner centennial celebration and an outpouring of community support after an unfortunate fire, the West Side Market is stronger than ever. This amazing landmark is one of the best places to shop local and have a true Cleveland experience. My favorite way to shop the Market is with no plan at all…just wander the stalls and see what looks good. Some of my go-to vendors are Kate’s Fish, Pinzone’s Market Fresh Meats, Ohio City Pasta, and Urban Herbs.

Westside Market - KC McKenna

Make sure to grab a snack while you shop from Noodlecat, Steve’s Gyros, Frank’s Bratwurst, or Crepes de Luxe. Then pop over to Great Lakes Brewing Co. or Market Garden Brewery for a growler of Cleveland beer to compliment your dinner.

Farmers Markets: 

There are more and more Farmers Markets popping up around Northeast Ohio. Here are just a few to check out for super fresh food options:

Miles Farmers Market - Alicia Hansen

+Downtown Farmers Market at Public Square
+North Coast Harbor Farmers Market
+Tremont Farmers Market
+North Union Farmers Market
+Willoughby Farmers Market
+Hudson Farmers Market

Where’s your favorite place to shop Northeast Ohio’s local ingredients?

Happy shopping and eating!

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