Fit and Fabulous in Northeast Ohio

Every day, millions of people shape their lives here in the Northeast Ohio area.  While we’re known for our array of foodie finds, there are plenty of us balancing those decadent treats with an active lifestyle. Making health and wellness a priority is easy to do while trying to juggle everything that life presents. Take a glimpse into an average weekday in my life to see how I do it…


That familiar iPhone alarm goes off. Our Golden Retriever rolls over to give me a dirty look. “Don’t worry, fuzz. You get to sleep in.” I’m up, and in a flash, on I-480 headed from Parma towards the county to the West.


After a quick stop at a local bakery, I’m ready for an early morning meeting with volunteers in North Ridgeville.  We’re deep in the planning process for another one of the Arthritis Foundation’s food and wine events – this one bringing together the finest restaurants in and around Lorain County. We’ve already assembled a list of more than fifteen restaurants to serve their signature dishes to more than 450 guests! We have a lot of work to do, so I make sure the meeting wraps before 8:45AM so we all can get back to our 9-5’s.


I make it back to the Arthritis Foundation’s office in Warrensville Heights to buckle down on meeting follow up, emails, voice mails, and prep for more event planning. Some days I don’t move much from my desk chair. Some days I’m up and running around, pulling together event logistics or heading to meetings. Today is proving to be a day of a bit of both.


My stomach rumbles, begging me for some nourishment. Realizing I neglected to pack my usual lunch, I hop in my car and make the quick jaunt over to Miles Farmers Market in Solon to snag something. It’s like the Target of grocery stores – it’s hard to get out of there without spending $50.  Everything just looks so delicious! I snag a fresh option from their grab-and-go section, and make it back to my desk in no time.

miles farmers market


Before I know it, I’m off to Legacy Village in Lyndhurst – one of the area’s large outdoor shopping complexes – for a site visit for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis, a 5K run/walk. We’re checking out options for registration spaces as well as reviewing the race course. In a perfect world, this would be on foot to fit in a workout for the day(multitasking for the win!) but a car ride will have to do today.


I arrive home from my day job, sneaking in a quick dog walk around my block before sitting down for a healthy dinner.  We’re a bit infatuated with chili this fall, and the ingredients come from all over: our local supermarket, the corner farmer’s market, and Cleveland’s well known West Side Market.


Another iPhone alert goes off, reminding me it’s time to head out to teach my hour-long yoga class at Nishkama Yoga in Independence, another suburb of Cleveland. The central location allows students to access our studio from all parts of the region. It’s inspiring to see others so excited to get a bit of physical activity blended with something so good for their emotional and mental well-being.

yoga blocks


I’m grateful to be back home for the day. After another quick loop around the neighborhood with our dog, I settle in to end the day. But the thing on my mind is our upcoming fun weekend in the Northeastern Ohio area.  We work hard to play hard, which includes weekend warrior activities like hiking in the Cleveland Metroparks or biking on the Towpath.  So many options – plenty of opportunities in the Northeast Ohio to live a great, well balanced life!


Alicia Hansen
Alicia Hansen

Alicia Hansen is the writer behind the blog, Always Alicia (formerly Poise in Parma). In her professional life, Alicia is a marketing director & event professional. In her spare time, she teaches yoga around Northeast Ohio. She's the mama to a beautiful baby girl, wife to a rocket scientist and dog mom to two Golden Retrievers. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @aliciamhansen.