9 Things I Love about Working In Lakewood

Little did I know I would absolutely fall in love with Lakewood the second I started working there.

About a year ago, I started working in the fabulous city of Lakewood. I pride myself in being a huge Cleveland fan but I have to be honest…I didn’t know a ton about Lakewood when I started working there. In fact, if you told me a year ago I would be writing this blog post, I probably would have laughed at you. Little did I know I would absolutely fall in love with Lakewood the second I started working there. Ever since I made the move, I have been mentally making a list of all of the reasons why Lakewood is THE place to be for a young professional and today, I finally put that list on paper (errr…webpage).

9. The accessibility

Lakewood is extremely accessible to anywhere I want to go after work. Rocky River? 5 minutes. Downtown? 12 minutes. A great restaurant or bar? 0 minutes (we will get into that next…). There is so much to do and see in the Cleveland area and when you’re in Lakewood, it’s all a very short trip away!

8. The food 

Lakewood is home to many great and local restaurants and bars. For a quick lunch, I love Souper Market, Dave’s Cosmic Subs and TJ’s Butcher Block. Plus, there’s always somewhere to meet a friend for dinner or happy hour after work, too.Humble Wine Bar, Deagan’s, Barrio, 16-Bit Bar and Melt are just a few of my favorites for after work fun (though it’s hard to stop naming places because I have so many favorites!).

LAKEWOOD116-Bit Bar & Arcade

7. The traffic

You are probably thinking “okay, this girl is crazy. She loves traffic?!” Nope! I love that there usually isn’t any in Lakewood. Besides the occasional construction project, I usually know just how long my commute is going to be and don’t have to sit in any rush hour traffic.

6. The Lake

Can we talk about the view at Lakewood Park? Amazing. A little oasis right in Lakewood!

LAKEWOOD2View from Lakewood Park

5. No, but really, the food 

For an afternoon pick-me-up or an after work snack, Lakewood is home to many local bakeries and shops where you can pick up a sweet treat or some coffee. Some of my favorites are KB Confections, Campbell’s, The Root Cafe and Blackbird Baking Company. Some of the best bakeries in Cleveland can definitely be found right in Lakewood.

LAKEWOOD 3Cookie from KB Confections

4. The quirky offices

You won’t find too many typical, tall office buildings in Lakewood. People work out of old homes (like me!), historic buildings, you name it. People have offices just about anywhere and it’s one of the things that make the city and professional atmosphere so unique.

LAKEWOOD 4My ‘home away from home’ (literally) is my office, Rosenberg Advertising!

3. The aesthetic

I am in Lakewood every single day and each day I see something that I have never seen before. There are so many old homes and buildings to look at and there are always new ones popping up. It’s truly the perfect mix of old and new.

LAKEWOOD 5Beautiful homes everywhere you look

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2. The local businesses 

I love shopping local and Lakewood is the place to do it! There are so many local businesses and more open all the time. I have to guess that business owners also share my love of the Lakewood atmosphere. My go-to local businesses are GV Art & Design, Avalon Exchange and Plantation Home.

1. The people

From the people walking up and down the streets to the baristas at my favorite coffee shop, Lakewood is full of nice people. And, you can tell everyone who lives or works there LOVES the city. And, let me tell you, that love really is contagious! it’s the #1 thing that makes working there so, so great.

There is so much to love about Lakewood! Though I don’t live there (yet!), I can’t imagine spending the majority of my day’s anywhere else. What’s your favorite part about living or working in Lakewood?

Rachel Schlather
Rachel Schlather

Rachel Schlather is a born and raised Clevelander blogging over at CLEfashionista.com about all things fashion and NEO.

Rachel works at Rosenberg Advertising in Lakewood doing digital marketing. When she isn’t working or blogging, she is spending time with her husband, family & puppy, drinking lots of wine, hanging out at the library and exploring all of what Cleveland has to offer.

A couple of her favorite places in NEO include Marblehead (she visits every weekend in the summer), the West Side Market and her house in Strongsville.

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