Painting, Hot Dogs and Cupcakes… Living Like a Kid in Medina

As I enter my 5th decade of life, I continue to stay current, fresh and relevant.   Maybe it is my joie de vive or the fact that I have 2 teenagers.   It’s probably the latter, but certainly my love of life keeps me young.

With summer approaching and the kids getting a break for summer, I got a bit jealous. Why should kids have all of the fun? So I decided to live like a kid myself and spent some time in Medina doing “kid stuff”.

All Fired Up – Painting


My first stop was painting at All Fired Up with some other businesswomen in town

The group included a hair stylist/salon owner, 2 interior decorators and 2 retailers. Then there was me, the business-to-business marketer – I market widgets.   No pressure to perform, right?

We were tasked with replicating a painting with instruction from one of the All Fired Up staffers. I am many things: a chatterbox, the life of the party, the funny/crazy mom, etc. However, I have never been accused of being a fine artist.   A friend once told me that my art had a “child-like” quality to it.   At first I was flattered, then I realized that it was not a compliment.

So needless to say, I had very low expectations for my artwork.   Did I mention that my judgmental 7th grade daughter came along to paint pottery? So, my expectations were not only low but the judgment was very high. However, I was rather pleased with my work.

If I can do it, anyone can do it.   The best part of it was that it was super fun and a great stress reliever.

Dan’s Dogs – Eat Like a Kid


I am quite a hot dog fanatic, but they have to be just right.   Dan’s Dogs in Medina not only makes them just right, but they all offer some amazingly delicious toppings on their dogs.   When you’re a kid, you don’t think about carbs – but at my age you do. However, I made an exception for the day.

There is a new vibe at Dan’s Dogs, thanks to the new owners, Paul and Terra. They are fun and hip. They use social media, Paul wears a man bun and they are absolutely delightful.   All of the same retro décor is still intact, so no worries it still looks like the old Dan’s Dogs.


My favorite new thing is they now accept plastic for payment and not just cash. I never have cash, thanks to my teenagers who think I am the ATM – “auto teller mom”.

My girls and I popped in for dinner between one of their many activities. I ordered the “Trail Boss”, which was topped with baked beans and bacon.   It was “want to smack your mama” good.   Thank God my girls didn’t smack me, but they certainly smacked their lips. So my teenagers and I, thanks to the plastic, had a fun and yummy meal.

A Cupcake A Day – Sweet Treats


Along side of hot dogs, I have an obsession with cupcakes. They are well-portioned decadent delights.   My favorite cupcakery is A Cupcake a Day, just a few steps away from Dan’s Dogs.   So I was happy to finish off my child-like eating with a “Chubby Hubby” cupcake.

If there was ever a real-life cupcake war, we had a mini-skirmish here in Medina.   Two great cupcake shops opened within months of each other.   Wow, we went from none to two almost overnight.   Cupcakes have been the rage for years back home in the NYC metro area, so I was super happy to have cupcakes in Medina.

When the dust cleared, A Cupcake A Day was left standing.   I don’t think they were actually dueling each other, but it was fun to talk about it.


Shawna, the owner of A Cupcake A Day, has very innovative flavors and partnerships.   She even partners with Cleveland Whiskey.   So there are times you will get some grown up flavors too.

So on this journey through town, I painted and overloaded on carbs, but it was so worth it.   This “kid” makes sure she logs over 10K steps per day!



Andrea Lyons
Andrea Lyons

Andrea Lyons is the Chief Marketing Maven of Lyons Share Marketing Group. She is a seasoned business-to-business marketing consultant who specializes in assisting commercial, government and non-profit organizations with defining their marketing strategy and go to market tactics. These tactics include the development and execution of a myriad of marketing activities including direct mail, websites, marketing materials, ads, email blasts and public relations. And a whole lot more.