Edgewater: Contender for Best Cleveland Neighborhood

Considering picking up and finding a new place to live in Northeast Ohio? Make sure Cleveland’s Edgewater neighborhood is on your list. (If moving isn’t in your cards any time soon, you’ll find the makings of a perfect staycation right here.)

Depending who you ask, the neighborhood roughly corresponds with W. 117th street on the west, W. 98th on the east, Detroit Avenue on the south and naturally, on the edge of Lake Erie to the north.

With direct access to a Great Lake, affordable housing, walkable shops, businesses and bars, and a dense, urban character, you’ll want to set up real estate alerts… ASAP! Here are some reasons why:

Cleveland Edgewater


1. It’s a lakefront bliss.

Edgewater Park – the shining star of lakefront bliss run by the Cleveland Metroparks. An urban oasis like nothing else, Edgewater is a clean, safe park with two beaches, a pier, trails, pavilions for picnics and events, and even an ice cream shop. To be fair, the gigantic space is over 30 city blocks long and shared by the esteemed Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood to the east.

In the summer, Edgewater is host to concerts and parties, but I can always find room for a quiet getaway… perhaps lying on the sand underneath the big, blue sky, or finding a perch on a rock near the water. Perfection.

Cleveland Beach


2. Beautiful Budget-Friendly Living

I am beyond frugal, so my budget was low when I started apartment hunting – even for Cleveland’s famously rock-bottom prices.

Beautiful vintage apartment buildings, duplexes and triplexes are the name of the game here, and they’re inexplicably cheap to live in. Don’t question it – just enjoy. (PS. You couldn’t find a more pet-friendly neighborhood!)

Cleveland Dog


3. You are a walk or a bike away from everything.

Walking and cycling are two of my favorite things. When I get to a martini bar, a vintage furniture shop, a diner, a gay bar, a bank, a Starbucks, a gym, a hair salon, etc. all on foot, I’m in heaven! Those are all of the things one expects in a neighborhood, right? Right!

4. You can bring your workout outdoors.

Oh, and talking about cycling, here’s a stellar route for locals: take the newly “bike laned” West Boulevard into Edgewater Park, then make a loop around the park onto W. 65th street in Detroit-Shoreway, and then back into Edgewater via Detroit. Why hit the gym in beautiful Cleveland seasons when you have our tree-lined streets and sandy beaches?

5. You feel a true sense of community.

Lastly, I already mentioned how vibrant Edgewater is, and that wasn’t just lip service. Here’s an example: I think every Clevelander will remember where they were when the Cavs won that championship. I stood on my porch that evening, and I could hear the game playing from countless TVs and radios nearby. As the Cavs scored, the neighborhood would erupt into cheers. When the Warriors scored, the disappointment was palpable with groans in the air. As the Cavs inched closer to winning, my street grew quiet before all of a sudden the game ended – and they won. The city blew like a volcano, my neighbors screaming with excitement, folks running into the street, fireworks fired from downtown almost immediately… it was a moment that me proud to be a Clevelander!



Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins

Ryan Collins is a writer and traveler. Currently based in Lakewood, he has lived all across Northeast Ohio. A Kent State University alum, today, Ryan works in admission at Baldwin Wallace University. His work has been published by Cleveland Plus, Belt Magazine and in conjunction with Destination Cleveland. Learn more at www.ryanscollins.com.