NEO Bloggers to Follow

Whether you’re new to Northeast Ohio or a lifelong resident, there are always fresh things to discover about the area. Bloggers can clue you into some of the coolest events, restaurants, and cultural venues in town. Here’s a round-up of some great bloggers to follow to stay in the NEO know:




“She in the CLE” is a collective of female bloggers sharing everything from personal stories, to career advice, to tips on friends, family, and fashion. To get the pulse of Cleveland’s fabulous females, follow them!

“Always Alicia” is a lifestyle blog that combines things to do around town, food, healthy living, and motherhood from blogger Alicia Hansen. For a dose of inspiration and fun, follow her!

“Greatest Escapist” is written by blogger Kate, a proud Clevelander, writing about her life in CLE as well as her travels. For a funny, insightful look at life in NEO, follow along!

“I Heart Cleveland” is written by blogger Charity, who shares her favorites in design, Cleveland places to go, fashion, and family fun. Follow along to find more reasons why you heart Cleveland too.

“It’s a Hero” chronicles Rachel and her family’s adventures in Akron. For a dose of real-life family fun, follow along!

Food and Drink


“Bite Buff” follows blogger Katrina’s restaurant visits, with an honest and discerning palate. Follow along to find the best in food!

“Eat*Drink*Cleveland” is written by blogger Crystal, who explores restaurants, home cooking, and events about town. If you’re hungry, you’ll want to follow her!

“Beard and the Broad” is written by a married couple who loves to share their favorites in beer and food. Follow their journeys and libations here!



“CLEfashionista” is written by blogger Rachel Schlather and she provides not only outfit ideas, but also tons of Cleveland fun, too. Follow her fashionable adventures!

“The Wardrobe Consultant” gives you helpful style hints and clues you into fabulous fashion finds from blogger Hallie Abrams. Follow along to look your best!

“Dina’s Days” tracks blogger Dina’s adventures in thrift shopping and how she finds frugal and fashionable threads. Follow along to score great deals while looking great too!

These blogs are a great place to start to find the best in Northeast Ohio food, fun, and fashion. Happy reading!

And, full disclosure, I have my own lifestyle blog that focuses on everything I love about Cleveland, which you can follow along with too:



Jen Rome
Jen Rome

Jen Rome is the author of Why CLE?, a lifestyle blog that is continually providing readers with new answers to why living in Cleveland is so wonderful.

Jen is a born and raise Clevelander who has lived in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, but always come back home by choice, not by chance.