Why Cleveland is a Great City for Women Bloggers

The city of Cleveland has so much to offer no matter what you’re interested in! For me, I’m interested in writing and blogging.

When I first started my journey as a blogger, I was unsure of where to start and who to turn to. So, I started to look for what was out there for someone with the same interests as me!

I quickly learned that Cleveland is not a place for you to feel alone. Cleveland is a place that will support you, no matter what you want to do.

I love living in Cleveland for so many reasons. From the art scene to diverse cultures, to the food and even the unpredictable weather. I’ve embraced living and blogging in Greater Cleveland through my personal website, According to Brittney.

Here’s why being a woman blogger in Cleveland is awesome:


1. Supportive Blogger Community

If writing is your thing, you might spend a lot of time alone behind a computer screen. The need for finding others who share your passions grows each minute you’re tapping away on the keyboard.

In Cleveland, finding others who share your passions is as simple as pie. To create a community for Cleveland bloggers, Leah (of By Travel and Error) started hosting blogger meet-ups around town. Now, we get together every other month to connect and support each other!  



Shibani (of Bombay Taxi Boutique) created the Lady Bloggers of Northeast Ohio facebook group to give us a chance to connect daily online.

Other supportive blogger communities in the Cleveland are She in the Cle and Black Girls in Cle which both give a voice to women writers in the city of Cleveland.

When you live in Cleveland, you can be part of an amazing community that supports your dreams and goals!



2. Progressive City

Cleveland is a city all about progression and growth. This city is not behind on the trends, it sets them!

The growing Cleveland writing scene shows how much the written word is appreciated by Clevelanders.


The Cleveland Scene is an online and print publication that keeps Clevelanders in the know. Other similar pubs include FreshWater Cleveland, Cleveland.com, and This is Cleveland.

There is also a large blogger presence with new bloggers coming in everyday. There are amazing women-run blogs like “Why Cle?,” “Always Alicia (formerly Poise in Parma),” and “Greatest Escapist”  who have been in the Cleveland blogging game since the beginning! Plus, there are newcomers like “Empowered and Poised” and “The Beard and the Broad” who are using blogging to get their message out to the community.

Cleveland is a city where the written word is powerful and much appreciated!



3. Things To Do (and Most Importantly, Photograph)

Cleveland is a treasure trove of sights to see, events to attend, and photograph-worthy moments.


Here I am standing by a breathtaking Cleveland mural in my neighborhood, Ohio City.

Food bloggers like “Eat Drink Cleveland” and “The Mexitalian”, show the best eateries in town (because there are a ton!). Style bloggers like “Glam Karen” and “The Heart’s Delight” show off Cleveland’s forward fashion scene. There are even more specific niche bloggers who focus on pop culture like “Pierre Into My Life” or marketing like myself!

When you’re in Cleveland, you never run out of amazing places to see or things to write about. It’s far from a boring city!



4. Much Needed Technical Support

Starting a blog requires you to be a writer, website developer, and designer to get your content up and out. When I started, I turned to WordPress, but had no idea I’d find a large Cleveland WordPress community!

Each month, WordPress meet-ups are held for both the East and West Sides of Northeast Ohio. You can connect with other WordPress enthusiasts while learning some valuable tips and tricks!

blogger 2

You can also attend annual Wordcamps which are WordPress conferences for people who use WordPress. My favorite is Wordcamp Kent (since it’s the closest!) This year’s,  Wordcamp Kent is happening June 9th and 10th in beautiful Kent, Ohio of course!



5. Small Business + Bloggers = Love

Many bloggers connect with small and local businesses for income, exposure, and just because they love to support! Small Cleveland businesses love bloggers and bloggers love them right back.


Bloggers love tagging where they are and sharing what they love about it! Many small businesses welcome bloggers and understand the influencer relationship. Many partnerships thrive and make Cleveland a better place.

Living in Cleveland has truly helped me connect with people who share my interests, grow my passion of writing and challenge me to get better daily. I can’t think of a better city to do what I love!


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Brittney Moffatt is the content creator and social media strategist who helps ambitious women entrepreneurs build their influence, visibility and engaged audience through the power of content! Along with her freelancing work, she runs a blog called According to Brittney which guides women through adulting, career development, and entrepreneurship!
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