University Spotlight: Mount Union

Whether you’re a student starting your college search or just a curious NEO native, the University of Mount Union is definitely worth learning about.

The University of Mount Union is located in Stark County in Alliance, Ohio.  Since it was founded in 1846, Mount Union has grown from a seminary to a college, to a university.  Over the last 172 years, Mount Union has only had 12 presidents!

A private, liberal arts school, the University Mount Union offers over fifty undergraduate majors including Nursing, Education, and National Security and Foreign Intelligence.  At the graduate level, Mount Union offers degrees in Educational Leadership, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant Studies.

Home to over 2100 Purple Raiders, Mount Union offers a variety of student clubs and organization to keep students busy, entertained and preparing for their future. And yes, there are sports! Mount Union offers plenty of opportunities for athletes (including 10 women’s’ sports), competing in NCAA Division III as part of the Ohio Athletic Conference with teams from John Carroll, and Baldwin Wallace, just to name a few.  

Mount Union also boast an AMAZING football team. In fact, they just so happen to be the current National Football Champions for Division III.  In fact, Mount Union Football holds the record for most National Championships in any division and a playoff record of 99-16.

So why did I choose to  write about Mount Union? It’s my alma mater! I attended Mount Union in the mid to late 90s shortly after they won their 1st National Championship. And I’ll admit, during my college search, Mount Union wasn’t a top choice. That is… until I visited and toured the campus.  I remember how beautiful the campus looked as we walked across the well manicure quad. I was shocked to see gray and black squirrels and was taken aback at the fact that everyone spoke as we walked along campus.

My years at Mount Union were a great time in my life. Don’t get me wrong… I put in a lot of hard work in classes and I sometimes missed my home city of Cleveland. But attending Mount Union was overall a great experience that I will cherish forever!

If you know a high schooler that will be looking into college, tell them to look into the University of Mount Union.
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Shana Black
Shana Black

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