5 Cleveland Pizza Spots That Will Take a Pizza Your Heart

With winter looming and the temperatures getting colder and colder, it is time to warm up with a cheesy, doughy slice of happiness.

Pretty much everyone loves pizza, but everyone seems to have their own opinion for what kind of pizza is best. Luckily, Cleveland’s pizza scene is poppin’.

Here are a few of my favorite pizza joints ranging from Neapolitan pizza to pizza loaded with wild toppings:


Citizen Pie (Ohio City & Waterloo)

Citizen Pie is self-proclaimed “Pizza for the People”, and let me tell you, they are not wrong.  Their pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven for just 90 seconds and creates the perfect brown and bubbly doughy yet thin crust topped with just the right amount of ooey gooey cheese.  Their mushroom pizza is definitely a favorite of mine topped with mozzarella, brie, porcini duxelles, bacon, red onion, and truffle oil.   Order your pizza with a bottle of wine and don’t leave without trying their house-made gelato!


Angelo’s Pizza (Lakewood)

Lighter, thinner crusts are definitely what I usually go for, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something a little heartier.  Angelo’s Pizza is my go-to when craving thick dough and abundant toppings. Their specialty seafood pizza is drool-worthy topped with lobster cream sauce, provolone, shrimp, crabmeat, and spinach.  Pro tip: dine in on a Monday night for half-priced pizzas!


Edison’s Pizza Kitchen (Tremont)

Edison’s does NOT mess around when it comes to creating that perfect gooey greasy slice of late night pizza.  They seriously load up their pepperoni pizza with the perfect crispy pepperonis and their slices are best eaten with a packet of honey (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).  Now that Cleveland’s winter weather is coming, a slice of Edison’s pizza is the perfect way to keep you feeling warm and cozy.


Il Rione Pizzeria

(Gordon Square District)

I absolutely love Il Rione.  This pizzeria has a super comfortable and cute rustic vibe and some of the best pizza in Cleveland and is an awesome spot for happy hour with a group of friends or a date night.  The crust here is super thin, while still being able to hold up all the toppings with light sauce and just the right amount of cheese. I love coming here when I’m craving pizza, but don’t want to feel bogged down afterward.  My favorite pizza here? The #3 green pie (red sauce, mozzarella, arugula pesto, fried sage leaves, and basil) with pepperoni.



Vero Pizza (Cleveland Heights)

If you don’t mind eating your pizza with a fork and knife, Vero Pizza is such a gem! The first time I tried their dough, my mind was blown.  It is slightly crisp on the outside and deliciously doughy and chewy on the inside, and the toppings are always so fresh and tasty. My favorites here are the classic Margherita DOP, the mad max and the milk and honey pizzas! They honestly nail both the classic pies and the more unique combos.  My recommendation is to go with friends so you can order multiple pizzas and get to try them all!


Claire Xu is a student at Case Western Reserve University studying business
management and dance. She has lived in Cleveland her entire life and has a great
sense of Cleveland Pride. In her free time, Claire loves getting creative in the
kitchen, being active, and exploring the evergrowing Cleveland food scene. She
shares her experiences with food and lifestyle through her Instagram account
@eatswithclaire and her blog eatswithclaire.com.
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