About the Author

Jen Rome

Jen Rome is the author of Why CLE?, a lifestyle blog that is continually providing readers with new answers to why living in Cleveland is so wonderful.

Jen is a born and raise Clevelander who has lived in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, but always come back home by choice, not by chance. 

Jen earned her BA in political science from John Carroll University and her JD from American University Washington College of Law. She is licensed to practice law in Ohio, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. In her professional life, she has worked at law firms and in-house and now owns her own consulting company.

Jump Back Ball

Jen is involved in the community through positions on the board of Playhouse Square Partners and the John Carroll University Cleveland Alumni Chapter, as well as work on the committee for the Autism Speaks Cleveland Chef Gala.

Jen lives on the east side with her husband Matthew, their son Jeffrey, and their two senior golden retrievers, who are all frequent subjects of Jen’s social media escapades. You can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jen’s 10 Favorite Things about Cleveland

1 . Hands down, the people.

They are down-to-earth, friendly, helpful, and 100% the reason I came back (twice) and will stay forever.

2. The food. I mean, come on.

From an Iron Chef to a James Beard winner to cutting star Rising Chefs, we are blessed with culinary talent that can make anything from pierogi to beef ribs to duck liver.

Cleveland Museum of Art Summer Solstice

3. University Circle.

We are blessed with world-class museums offering education, culture, and beauty at every turn.

4. The seasons.

I like having a real summer and a real winter and don’t even talk to me about the gorgeousness of fall in Northeast Ohio.

5. Being close to my roots.

My family and my in-laws are all in Northeast Ohio and that is amazing, especially now that we have a son. But I also love the chance to be involved with my undergrad alma mater, to run into old high school friends, and to have a long-standing connection.

6. The cost of living.

Let’s get practical. The cost of living in Northeast Ohio makes life pretty sweet (and allows room for things like #2, #3, and #7).

7. Playhouse Square.

The theatres are true treasures and I couldn’t be prouder to be involved with their YP organization and help promote and sustain the second largest performing arts center in the country.

8. The sports.

The things they do to our hearts, both break them and give them palpitations. But there are no other teams for me.

Cleveland Indians

9. The renaissance.

I love that Greater Cleveland wasn’t always cool. I love that we had hard times and fought back. I love that we’re scrappy and proud and showing the world who we really are.

10. The traditions.

Cleveland is a place (unlike other cities I have lived) that values traditions and heritage and history. That’s a really special and unique thing.