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Kevin Goodman

Kevin Goodman is the managing director, partner with BlueBridge Networks, a downtown Cleveland-based data-center, managed services, cloud computing and cybersecurity business. He loves to spend time with his family and close friends and helping others. The time spent engaged with those he loves and missions he believes in are life giving and rejuvenates him and empowers his life with a deep sense of meaning.


He enjoys the practice of Yoga, spending a few hours each week at Yoga Roots and various studios around the country when he travels. He enjoys trail running, which takes him to the woods (Shaker Lakes and the Metroparks) where he both runs and meditates. The experience serves as a reference point of positive energy and inspiration. He takes complicated problems and issues to the runs and the Yoga mat and they work themselves out.

Kevin’s 10 Favorite Things in NEO

People – from my amazing family, co-workers, customers, vendors, fellow Board members, strangers, fellow Clevelanders at sporting events and all my neighbors and neighborhoods, this Region has the best and most wonderful and diverse groups of people on the planet. The Region continues to attract immigrants adding to its diversity. Much leadership and direction is provide by Global Cleveland around international newcomers to our Region.

Kevin's Family
Kevin’s Family

Cultural Gems – I enjoy the many cultural gems that make up the mosaic of our city. From some of my favorite museums (MOCA , The Cleveland Museum of Art) theatres ( Playhouse Square and Doboma) to its many Centers for Performing Arts (Severance Hall and the CLE Orchestra) .One can always get fresh and locally grown produce at our various farmers markets (My favorite market is the Shaker Square North Union Famers Market).

Playhouse Square

Lake Erie – We are fortunate to live on Lake Erie and enjoy all of its sunrises and sunsets and freshwater activities. We have fabulous rivers and creeks to explore and enjoy. My favorite Lake Erie spot is Kelley’s Island enjoying the best perch at the Village Pump, hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, camping and fishing.

Lake Erie

Major Sports Town– it’s great to be able to watch and cheer on all of the professional sports in town as well as terrific high school and college sports.


Yoga Community – Cleveland is blessed to have a litany of Yoga studios and various types of practices and levels all across the region. My personal favorite studio is Yoga Roots.

Kevin Yoga

Metroparks – The most fabulous places to run, hike, bike, swim, cross country ski, toboggan, and picnic. I enjoy visiting the World Class Cleveland Zoo.


Public Transportation – I utilize the RTA inbound and outbound most work days. I travel on the Greenline and the HealthLine which is extremely reliable and relaxing.


Chagrin Valley – I currently live in University Heights and enjoy the diversity that is the Heights. I went to high school at Chagrin Falls and I return to the Chagrin area each week to run, dine, shop, and hike and enjoy its beauty and charm.


Four Seasons – Nothing more magical then enjoying fully the four seasons.


Economic Development and Opportunity – the Region is a center of excellence in Education and Training, Hospitals and Health Services. Our Manufacturing industries are still strong and so are burgeoning verticals like Software Development, Technology, Legal and Professional Services and Bio Science. The Renaissance of The Downtown Cleveland Central Business District and Housing has been championed by both the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and The Greater Cleveland Partnership.

ArcelorMittal Steel
ArcelorMittal Steel